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Army Of Sultan

"The sultan having entrenched himself, sent 6,000 archers to the front who were met by 30,000 Gakkhars with their heads and feet bare, and armed with spears and other weapons, who forced their way into the Mahomedan cavalry and nearly defeated them, when the elephant of the king took fright at the flights of the arrows and the effect of the Naphtha balls ( Fire balls ) and caused the Hindoos to fly in panic"
( ref pg 15 Illustrated Handbook of Indian Arms paragraph 3)


  • Mahomedan Went on to conquer Multan, Kanauj , Gwalior and Kalinjar.

  • In his sixteenth expedition He took the Hindoo idol called Somnath , This put the hindoos in a state of disbelive that their prays were all in vain, they would more readily embrace the faith of the Mahomedan; Islam

  • In his last expedition , he attacked the Jats on the Indus near Multan for molesting him on his return from Somnath.

  • He died in A.D 1030 ( Elliott, vol. VI P456.)


  • "Of his son Masa'ud it is related that "no man could lift his mace from the ground and no iron target stay his arrow."                    ( The Tabaqat i Nasiri, translated by Major Raverty. pp. 91-507 )


" The whole of this period of history is obscure from the conflicting accounts of the Mahomedan writers, many of which are mere historical romance founded on but slender bases of facts."


  •       The house of Gazni fell ( Mill ,Vol. II p260) Kutbuddin Aibak - Turkish slave of Mu'izzuddin Muhammad of Ghazni was raised to power and invaded India.












  • Prithvi Rai , King of Ajmir and Chand Rai his brother were met with great force ending in defeat for the brothers A.D 1191

( The epic of the fight is documented on pg 16 . Illustraated Handbook of Indian Arms paragraph one ) 


  • The victor Kutbuddin Aibak took Delhi and founded the "Slave" dynasty, which extended the Mahomedan power over a great part of Hindostan *


* This dynasty is called the Ghorian dynasty by most wrirters. note by translator. Its founder was a freedman of the Ghori Kings of Ghazni.













Ghori Kings of Ghazni

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