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An Ancient Art


A Modern World



In its physical form , Gatka is the original feudal art of the Saint Soldiers " Khalsa", for whom the way of life is the same as the art of war.  A separate entity from the art of mere fighting, its a way of life.

The balance of fighting skills, religion, healing and philosophy are the elements which consolidate into this great martial art. 
Any martial tradition ( Bir Bidiya ), skill, belief or art which is not beneficial to both the exponent and society is not a martial art.


The following must exist: 

where a balance and understanding of both cultural and martial ways is established.

Through its own evolution and efforts of a group of Instructors and schools ( Akhara's )  around the world, it has progressed through the years to its present position as a martial art of great valor.
Its theory, techniques and methods have been handed down through the centuries and today have been molded into an art with all of the action and history of the past contained within its present training.
It is practiced  in a way that it proves useful at any time and is taught in a way that it is useful in all walks and duties of life. 


The Spiritual attributes of this art are instilled with the realization that one is participating in an art developed by spiritual warriors who possessed great valor, honesty and integrity, the principles and traditional concepts as laid down by great saints, bhagats, peers of various religions and faiths  and Sikh Gurus off and during the evolution of the Sikh religion. 


The MARTIAL MIND the DISCIPLINE, the FOCUS OF THE TRUTH all elements of the MIND, the principles laid down for the warrior / practitioner / mankind is that the personality of ones self is a temporary alliance of wants and desires,

(THE PHYSICAL FORM ) and that life it self is no more than an illusion (THE SPIRIT) .

One can aspire to no greater heights than to die gloriously for the truth.
To die is a metaphor which relates to all aspects of life from the daily duties as a citizen of a country , a noble, a peasant, a king, a parent,  a soldier or a saint.

The duties of the saint soldier has no margin in the way of life.
The principles are all the same in any field and walk of life for all mankind.


"They alone truly and fully live on this earth who remember the Lord and are ready to fight for the righteous cause. Brittle is our body; it does not last long. Let us use it and get into the boat of YASAS (nobly earned repute) and cross the ocean of repeated  births and deaths. Let us make this body the residence of forbearance and fortitude and light in it the excellent lamp of wisdom. Let us there-after hold in our hands the sword of knowledge-realisation (Gnana) and bravely destroy with it , the demon of cowardice in us."

                                                                                                                                                    Guru Gobind Singh


Gatka is the exhilarating spiritual and physical martial art of the Sikhs which  has gained new popularity within Eastern and  Western Societies in both cultural , spiritual and martial aspects.

It has gained much strength and support from both sexes, all ages, faiths, religions and cultures, including martial art practioners and Instructors from numerous backgrounds and foundations from the western and eastern origins.

The art of Gatka has no separation between that which is MIND, BODY & SPIRIT
It is the unity of these three elements which contour A way of life - A balance -  A rhythm of life - The Saint Soldier.


 The art of Gatka involves a series of integral combat training systems that include :

Several systems of duels armed - unarmed  and the use of weapons of defense and offence.
It aims at the coordination of mind & body through the meditation of spiritual verses of Gurbani,
A holistic system by which the character and moral attitude of a student is shaped.


Honest Living, Remember God, Charity,  Sharing, Sacrifice, Humility, Devotion, Equality, Respect, Forgiveness, Compassion, Self-Help, Integrity, and  Service





In the Present


Courtesy -  Baba Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara UK


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