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Weapons | Shasters

"I am thine, death is nothing to me.

I wear arms not to kill but to dazzle with them,flash the eyes of cowardly kings

and to blazon in letters of fire the supreme majesty of love over all.
I need no kingdoms on this earth; I lust not for shining Gold nor for the beauty of woman.
I own nothing. All belongs to Him, the Lord.

If he has chosen to adorn my smile of knowledge-Absoloute with the flash of His cleansing sword it is His pleasure.

My religion then is of His Sword.
Guru Gobind Singh 

An amazing footage of a khalsa warrior getting ready with his weapons. 

Hola Mehela Sri Kesh Ghar Sahib 2002


Bhaji Sahib takes 3 to 4 hours each day to get ready fully dressed and ordained with the dazzel and glamour of all his weapns.

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