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The Principle Training Stages of Gatka


For easy of explanation and understanding  we will try and attempt to  categories the training structure of Gatka as it is practiced in various Gatka Akharas around the world.

However you as the reader must understand that strategies, philosophies, ideas and teaching practices will vary from one Akhara to the next.

Some may argue that there is no common ground and what one Akhara adopts as there training regime is fruitless and weak, but to others it’s the diversity amongst many schools of Gatka that makes it such a unique and gallant fighting system.


Remember and keep this in your mind, you may well train in the most elite fighting system, yet if you fail to take the  advantage of attack you may lose your only chance. So, you may be a novice or a master of the great fighting arts, but never forget victory lies with those who see a weakness in the adversary's defence and then seizes the first opportunity to attack and defeat. 

Your sprit is your guideline which will allow you to manipulate your mind and body in awakening the Vir Ras within.

Emphasis is again on you as a student to follow the guidelines and instructions that allow you to prosper within your Akhara.

There is no right way or wrong way to fight, what truly matters is the way you allow your sprit to train, it’s  the sprit with which you train and fight that makes all the difference. 


Stage 0 :What is Gatka

Stage 1 : The Physical Body

Stage 2 : The breath - Praana Abyas

Stage 3 : The Akhara Etiquette - The primary weapons 

Stage 4 : The secondary weapons and tools for training

Stage 5 : The intricate bladed weapons

Stage 6 : Development of the body's inner senses 



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