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       A glimpse of the Indian                 
 An extract from

""The Jjournal of Indian Art and Industry


" The subject of Indian arms is full of interest: it involves so many peculiarities of native and perhaps very ancient custom , and takes us to so many different races and historical periods.
Thus we have weapons of non Aryan races which may be of great antiquity: and there are the varied and sometimes fantastic forms, which, however, are all based on a few simple, original patters, which have been in use since the days of the first Moslem invasions, and have been but slightly modified among Rajputs, Sikhs, Mahrattas, and the Southern Muhammadans.


Before we continue

We need to gain an understanding as to why the law of the land gave rise to the use of the sword , invaders of the lands, oppressors of faith and religion , the doctrines of belief, the want to live and to be allowed to live, the concept of survival.
All played a major role in the use and abuse of power and weapons.
As many  regions of India were occupied by different tribes,  races and religions, so to were the varieties and types of weapons that each race and tribe used. 
The right and wrong of the use of weapons was never an issue, it was the desire to win , strong over the weak, the mighty over the meek, the sword slayer saw no right or wrong.
 The doctrines of the Sikh Faith gave rise to a nation of Saint Soldiers, who brought back in to the fold of injustice a way of life in which the sword of temporal and spiritual balance gave strength, courage and hope to the people of the land with a belief and will to survive and practice their way of life and religion.

Before we look into the ethics ,morals and way of life of the Saint Soldier, lets take a brief  glimpse in to the history of the land in arms, weapons and belief of its inhabitants and invaders from which emerged this great Nation -  The Khalsa     


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