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Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die

Tribute to Ustad Baba Gian Singh Nihang Sotantar   resident of Malahvie Bunga Amritar, He used to teach the   fighting system of shasterdhari Gatka vidyia at Burj Akali Phula Singh every week. It was an uncommon occasion to see and witness shastardhari Khalsa of great skill and techniques. But Gian Singh possessed thisShastar Vidya Naama Publication – Renowned throughout the Panth, in the art of Shaster Khala ( Vidya) – Gatka Pantera agility, nimbleness, quickness, activeness ਫੁਰਤੀ

1924 - 6th Feb 1980

Tribute to Jathedar Master Mohan Singh -  by Pirthi Raj Paul Bedhi

Jathedar Mohan Singh was born in 1924; he was the eldest son of Sant Pirthipal Singh (Patiala Wala). When Mohan Singh was between the age of 9 and 12 he left home and joined the Nihang Sings, It was in the Nihang Dahl’s that Mohan Singh met Baba Gian Singh (Chief Gatka Ustad for every Nihang Dhal) and he learnt Gatka from him. Until death both masters had a very close friendship. After training with Baba Gian Singh for about 5 years nonstop Mohan Singh came into contact with another great Gatka master Baba Chatter Singh, Mohan Singh learnt Gatka from him and then further enhanced his training by learning Gatka from Baba Mohinder Singh Nanakana Sahib wala.


Tribute to Ustad Bhai Didar Singh Nihang Budha Dal 



Tribute to Ustad Bhai Charanjit Singh
Bhai Charanjit Singh ji  was raised and taught in various Sikh sangats throughout Punjab. He began learning gatka at the age of 14 from the Gursikhs in his sangat. In his later teens, in the sangat of Baba Darshan Singh Ji (Takki wale), he did seva in Sri Akhand Paaths and Keertan Darbaars. Bhai Charanjit Singh’s gatka skills were unmatched, he won first place in many international gatka competitions. Almost all the akharas in Asia know of Bhai Charanjit Singh Ji’s achievements in the Sikh martial art. By the divine Will of the Guru, Bhai Sahib became the “ustaad”

(head instructor) of the Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji Gatka Akhara at Gurdwara Gurdarshan Parkash, Damdami Taksal, Mehta, in 2002.

5th July 1980 - 7th Dec 2004

Bhai Pirthi Raj Paul Singh Bedi  

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