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Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur was a conqueror from Central Asia who succeeded in laying the basis for the Mughal dynasty in the Indian Subcontinent and became the first Mughal emperor. 


  • Born: February 14, 1483, Andijan, Uzbekistan

  • Died: December 26, 1530, Agra, India

  • Full name: Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur

  • Parents: Qutlugh Nigar Khanum, Umar Shaikh Mirza II

  • Spouse: Mubarika Yusufzai (m. 1519), more

  • Children: Humayun, Gulbadan Begum, Kamran Mirza, more









 It was during this period that the Portuguese under Cabral and Vasco di Gama established themselves in Southern India. This was a turning point for the war powers of India which came into contact with the European powers.


The Spanish introduced the cannons, musquets and swords of the European style, which in turn had a marked influence on the  arms of India.


  • First attack was by (Portuguese ) the Rajah of Cochin 
    against the Samorin of Malabar from Calicut.*

* ( Elliot, History, Vol III p.577 )


  • Samorin's faced defeat at the hands of the Europeans
    and were forced to return back to Calicut.




















  • Albuquerque (1510) followed up the successes of the Portuguese by the assault of Calicut.

  • But this time the Portuguese had to retreat afterenormous casualties on a mission the ended
    in defeat at the hands of the Indians of Samorin. 

  • Albuquerque was more successful in the capture of Goain (1510), which laid the foundation
    of the Power of Portuguese along the coast. 





Mugal Empire - BABUR 1483-1530

The King of Cochin on his elephant, accompanied by his Nairs from Histoire générale des Voyages

Zahir-ud-din-Muhammad Babur


Explorer Vasco da Gama is received by the Samorin


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