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Guru Nanak meets with Babur


It was this was the Period in which The first Guru of the Sikhs Guru Nanak Dev Ji ( 1469-1539) had begun His mission which was to progress through a journey which would take nine other successors as Gurus of a religion that was before, then and now unique in all disciplines from the Saint right through to the Soldier aspect of all humans. ( The religion - Sikhism )

Karminder Singh Dhillon, Ph.D (Boston University) elucidates:

"When Babur invaded India in the 1490s, the people went to the Yogis to ask for their assistance to lead their courageous resistance to the pending inhumanity and cruelty of the invading forces. The Yogis gave them the same reply that this Malaysian Baba is providing. “We are healers, we are people of peace, we will shower our blessing on all of you and we will meditate and perform Yoga. Just go home and sit in peace. We will read the mantras (buzz word of the 15th century) and the invading forces will become blind.”


Guru Nanak records this cowardice of the spiritual leaders on page 417 of the GGS. Koe Mughal Na Hoa Andha, Kiney Na Parcha Laiya. Meaning: No Mughal was blinded and none of their mantras worked. Guru Nanak took the Yogis to task for being cowardly in not providing courageous spiritual leadership. The philosophy of Guru Nanak in this shabad focuses on courage, bravery and inner strength.  Spirituality without courage is cowardice. Of what use is being pious if one does not have the courage to speak out, to take actions against injustice or to stand beside the weak, the oppressed and the needy. This is the essence of the Sant-Sipahi Sikhi of Guru Nanak and that of Guru Gobind Singh’s Saint-Soldier Khalsa."




Babar came to india from Kabul, he met with Guru Nanak at Eminabad , this was one district he had not conquered.
The  people fought well but soon fell to the sword of Babar, prisoners and booty alike were taken from Eminabad to the Babars camp.
It was here the Guru Nanak dev ji was also taken captive. Through the hyms of God Nanak uplifted the prisoners sprit and hope. Babar was astonished to see such a magical atmosphere in his camp and asked to meet with Guru Ji. 


Guru Nanak dev ji told Baber that what he has done and what he is doing is not right, God is the Father of all and that he should change his ways for he to will be jugged on the accounts of his life. On hearing this Babar begged for guidance and forgiveness, Guru ji asked for him to set free the prisoners along with there belongings and told Barber to change his ways.

Barber requested Guru Nanak to pray for him that he may become emperor of India, to which guru ji replied " your wish shall be fulfilled but you must be just, kind and merciful to those who you defeat and to other subjects of the land. Respects holy men and above all always remember God."


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