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Invasion Of Mahmud Ghazrni

Emir of Ghazna Reign 998-1002 now in Afghanistan

Eldest son of  Subuktagin, the king of Ghazni

Died 30 April 1030-  Religion Islam

During the battle with King Jaipal Mahmud fought along side his farther.

After the death of Subuktagin Mahmud's younger brother Ismail was apointed king.

After a short reign, Mahmud defeated him and became king.

During the end of the 10th century  It was Mahmud who carried out the first serious of attacks on India which totaled 17 .From his base in Afghanistan he raided Hindu towns and cities looting temples and smashing images of Hindu Gods.This was just the beggining of what awaited the fate of this Golden Age of Indiaat the hands of these Mughals.

He had no intention of ruling Indian regions except for Punjab, which was his gateway to India.





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