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Military Structure of the Mughal Empire - Battle of Panipat


The battle of Panipat- fought on 21 April 1526 near the small village of Panipat (now a town in Haryana), This is an area that has been the site of a number of decisive battles for the control of Northern India since the twelfth century.
Babur's forces numbered around 15,000 men

and had between 20 to 24 pieces of field artillery. Babur estimated Lodi had around 100,000 men, though that number included camp followers.
Lodi fighting force - around 30,000 to 40,000 men With at least 1,000 war elephants.

Tactics- Tulghuma and the Araba.

Tulghuma - divide army into units, Left, Right and the Centre.
The Left and Right divisions were further subdivided into Forward and Rear divisions.

Through this a small army could be used to surround the enemy from all the sides. The Centre Forward division was then provided with carts (araba) which were placed in rows facing the enemy and tied to each other with animal hide ropes.
Behind them were placed cannons protected and supported by mantlets which could be used to easily maneuver the cannons. These two tactics made Babur's artillery lethal. The cannons could be fired without any fear of being hit, as they were shielded by the bullock carts held in place by hide ropes. The heavy cannons could also be easily traversed onto new targets, as they could be maneuvered by the mantlets which were on wheels.


The Archers Bow - 

Army of 400 Archesr

Matchlock Guns
Mobile Field Artelery

Cannons - range 1,300 yards

7-8 foot barrel lenght

Made of bronze cast.


Babur died - 1530 aged 47 

Akber - Grandson of Babur crowned at the age of 13 in 1556 as the next Mughal King

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The Katar

The Damascus Sword

Elephant Armour


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Matchlock - introduced to india 1519


How it was made

Akber had 105 for his personal use



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Matchlock -developed


War and Peace


Religious debates - Hindus, Christian 

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Deat of Akber

Horse Back Archery - 

Skills and selection of the horse

1614 - Shah Jahan

Battle of Mewar 
The Mewary Horse - birth Place

Employed- 200,000 mounted warriors using between 300 to 400,000 war horses.



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