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The Akhara 


The training grounds of the Akhara can vary from the smooth marble / concrete grounds to the rough and rouged terrain of the outside. Usually an open area of land or nearby grounds or either within the complex of the Sikh Gurdwara would prove ideal for training to commence and an Akhara to be held ( a term referred to as  Akhara Leghana - to set up an Akhara )


Training on different terrains also proved and helped to develop individual stance work, foot work and fighting strategies, from training on sandy, stony, gravel, uneven and hill grounds, in some cases training  the art of warfare in flowing rivers all so gave the Gatka Bahji - student further scope in developing and perfecting techniques with and without the use of weapons
in the art of offence and defence ( Vaar and Rok )

Training during extreme cold conditions and poor visibility is also undertaken to develop the senses of sight, endurance and reaction against the natural elements of Mother Nature.

Before the practice (Abysa) of Gatka class, the training ground 'Akhara' is cleared of any obstacle and debris which can cause unnecessary injury to the students. However, depending on the training objective, the students may well have to train on surfaces that are purposely made very wet and slippery, uneven, dusty or even unsafe to train on. Once the ground is selected the Akhara is ready to begin.


The weapons to be used for training are neatly placed on a (Thara) a raised platform which is either at a level above the ground or placed onto a sheet of cloth in an area where students are able to respectfully and gracefully retrieve and return the weapons safely during training.

All weapons are to be treated with utmost respect never to be left on the ground and are never to be stepped over during or after the class.


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