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The Student - Gatka Baaj


An obedient nature is paramount, fighting with students within the Akhara or with others outside the Akhara to prove ones skills in an egoistic frame of mind is considered unethicalin the practice of Shastar Vidia.

Each student is encouraged and must endeavour to practice and live by the Khalsa code of conduct ( Rehat maryada ) . 


Respect must be given to all the religious Scriptures and writings as well as to the Shastar ,Ashtara and Bastars 
(weapons of the ground - weapons of the air and the uniform) of the training Akhara.

Equally, respect and honour to the Jatadhar goes without say.

Students are reminded that they are training in a spiritual martial art which in turn requires them to live by the principles of truthfulness  (Sach) but just to live by the truth is not enough you have to live your life according to a truthful way.

All students must try and strive to attain a balance of both the physical, mental and spiritual states of mind. The student must understand that a disciplined mind, a moral philosophy, dedication and a sense of duty and respect where a balance and 
understanding of both cultural, religious and martial ways is to be achieved is the ground foundations for this fighting form.

It’s with this discipline in mind and belief that a student is taught and is able to live a life of Dharam.


Students of other religious backgrounds and beliefs are all so encouraged to train but must adhere to and respect the traditional and religious teachings of the Sikhs. (Guru Maryadha)

There is no discrimination of cast, color, creed, sex, or religion.

Equality in both the physical and spiritual states of mind and body  is the principle value and belief of the Sikh religion 
Sikhism is a religion for all Mankind its spiritual and warrior intellect are also open for all mankind, faiths and religions.



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