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Ustad Bhai Charanjit Singh Ji


Charanjit Singh went on a tour to preach the Sikh martial arts internationally, beginning in Malton, Canada, establishing the akhara there in the summer of 2003. Later that year, Bhai Parminder Singh of the Guru Nanak Academy invited Bhai Charanjit Singh to teach in Surrey (BC), where he established another akhara. Bhai Sahib was fully supportive of the idea that there should be a worldwide connection of Gatka akharas and urged the UK sangat to create a branch of Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji Gatka Akhara in England. While in Canada, Bhai Sahib loved the students’ funny attempts at properly speaking Punjabi and their childish antics, and he made everybody feel as though they were his immediate family. Bhai Sahib had a unique love and appreciation for youth, of all backgrounds. When in the park or at a picnic with the akhara, he would randomly offer a handshake or encouragement to any young person he saw – regardless of their race or religion. He saw the potential in everyone to live up to the teachings of the Guru, although his best parchar was through his actions. He livedwithin society, made friends with all, did seva with humility and all the whileremained focused on the Guru’s charan.

In May 2004, Bhai Sahib along with Bhai Parminder Singh Ji and Bibi Rena Kaur

sadly left this mortal world after they were involved in a serious car accident while

on the way to continue Sikhi Parcharin Calgary, Canada. The car accident had a

huge impact on the sangat that wereclose to Bhai Sahib. For all of those who were

fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Bhai Charanjit Singh, they know that

his legacy of seva, and spreading Sikhi around the world, will never be forgotten.

As a result of his legacy, sevadars of Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji Gatka Akhara

launched the website in Bhai Sahib’s loving memory.

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