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Maurya was a skilled leader and politician as well as military leader. He expanded the Kingdom of Magadha into the Mauryan Empire. Maurya developed infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and a post office, that would help his empire to flourish for almost 150 years.












Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta Maurya founded the empire around 322 BC. He first conquered the Nanda dynasty who ruled Patliputra, which was located near Bihar. By 316 BC the Empire had fully occupied north-western India.


Patliputra was the busiest place. It was under the direct control of the Emperor. Merchants, officials and craftsmen probably lived in these cities of the empire. Patliputra is now known as Patna and is the capital of Bihar.

 Ujjain lay on the key route from north to south India and later the prime meridian used by Indian astronomers ran through the city. It is located in modern Madhya Pradesh.


                           Asoka was the grandson of Maurya, He was brutal warlord. His army reached up to the boarders of the                                    empire which included two thirds of the Indian Subcontinent. The Kalinga War : Kalinga was the ancient name                                     of coastal Orrisa. Ashoka fought a war to conquer Kalinga but after seeing the violence and bloodshed he decided                                       never to fight any more wars and converted to Buddhism. By encouraging dhamma.Ashoka's dhamma did not                                            involve worship of god or of anything else. It involved only his messages which he wanted to tell the people. It wasn't a religious belief Ashoka sent. He wanted to spread the message of honesty, truth, fullness, etc.

In Later life Asoka grew tired of war and converted to Buddhism. In his rule Buddist teachers were able to spread there religion far and wide.

After Asoka's death, the Mauryan Empire declined. He successors levied heavy taxes on the people. Their harsh treatment caused the people to turn against their Mauryan masters. The last Mauryan King was murdered in 184 B.C whoch ended the Mauryan Empire.


 Ashoka's son was Bindusara, who ruled after the death of Bindusara. A total of 33 inscriptions in stone pillars record Asoka's "Edicts" - many of them reflections rather than edicts in the usual sense - record key features of his thinking and events of his reign. These "Edicts", which are dispersed across a wide area of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even extend as far west as Kandahar in Afghanistan are mainly in the Prakrits language. 

Chanakya's real name was Vishnu Gupta. He was a wise man in the court of Chandragupta Maurya. He wrote a book called "Arthashastra". There are 15 books of Arthashastra. He died in 283 BC.


185 BC. The Mauryan Empire fell due to weakness of the Emperor and because the army was inactive. The fall was also due to brahmins who sacrificed animals after Ashoka's death.Brihadratha.

Brihadratha was the last ruler of the Mauryan Empire. He ruled from 187-185 BC. He was killed by Pusyamitra Sunga.


Mahindra. Mahindra was the son of Ashoka. His name means "the conqueror of the world".




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