Execution of movements of attack and defense call for great care and precision, even during early stages of training, since the movement of the Shastar - weapon  aided with the body can produce tremendous speed and momentum of execution .


As it stands, the Namaskar techniques also gives the instructor some indication of progress into  the students training and coordination of mind , body and sight.

However, observing the movements set's a precedence in the realm of a duel during training  or even when faced with a  challenge  with fighters from other Akharas ( Beeraa Lenaa-to accept a challenge ), where one student is able to disguise his fighting  intentions and strategy and perform unorthodox movements which puts the opponent in to dismay ( Mastool Krnaa ) .


So here we have elements of the Mind, body and sprit which work both as a training aid for the whole body in relation to the weapons being used  and also as a  cover from ones facing opponent.

Observing The Movements